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Dreaming of Safed


Angelina Muniz-Huberman

The uniqueness of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s historical novel lies in its combination of poetic prose, apparent simplicity, and a happy ending. Within the structure of the archetypal journey of the hero, a Jewish teenager in sixteenth-century Spain manages to avoid the Inquisition by joining a perilous Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He is assisted by a magical muleteer who appears and disappears periodically in different guises until the protagonist and his beloved Miriam are safely settled in the northern town of Safed.

Defying Odds


Theodore H. Lehman

For 60 years Ted Lehman did not talk about his experiences in Auschwitz, then in this insightful and well-narrated historical novel Ted Lehman tells his story as a teen-age prisoner in the Nazi camps. At a time that he would have normally had his Bar Mitzvah and attended high school, he was instead in SS forced labor camps. With all of his family and friends gone Lehman worked to live, determined not to allow the SS win.


The Mountain, the Desert
and the Pomegranate

Finalist, Best Book 2011Stories from Morocco and Beyond

Vanessa Paloma

In The Mountain, the Desert and the Pomegranate Vanessa Paloma takes readers young and old into the world of both mystical and everyday experiences. She discovers new spiritual insights in the simple experience of being in the courtyard of the house of Madame Soulika in Marrakesh in Morocco or in the stories of the desert and the pomegranate that come from the Berber outlands of the Atlas Mountains. Life begins here.

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