Sandra K. Toro
Author/Professor of Creative Writing
(University of New Mexico)


Sandra K. Toro is an award-winning, best selling author who teaches creative writing at the University of New Mexico. Her historical novels deal with World War II, the Holocaust, the Jewish immigrant experience, and The Spanish Inquisition, anti-Semitism in the 16th Century, and international political/military history of Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Her most recent novel, Secrets Behind Adobe Walls, concerns the crypto-Jews of New Mexico.

In addition to being a writer, Toro has had a career on camera and as a producer of public affairs programs for ABC and PBS. She was a high-level political appointee in the administrations of President Carter and President Clinton.

She coordinates the annual spring writer's conference for the University of New Mexico each April, and works regularly with agents and editors at major publishing houses.

More about her novels of historical fiction about crypto-Jewish life:

Doña Gracia: Beacon Of Hope

Secrets Behind Adobe Walls

She can be contacted at
Sandra K. Toro

Gaon Books
P.O. Box 23924
Santa Fe, NM 87502


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