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Praxis and Ambiguity of the Enemy

Essays on Life and Politics of the U.S. & Latin America

Fernando Garavito

Winner Best Book Award

Political Writing
New Mexico Book Awards

Political Writing
New Mexico Book Awards

This powerful book by one of Latin America's best essayists comments on international cultural, economic and political issues.

Drawing from a career as university professor, editor, and diplomat, he points his pen with rapier like intensity at the inconsistencies of the political ideology of the United States and the reality of its international policies.

Before coming to the United States, Garavito was Professor at the University of Rosario in Bogota, and in this country he has been Lecturer and Visiting Artist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

He has written more than a dozen books ranging from political essays to poetry and biography. He speaks with a voice of conscience.

His investigative journalism on the political elite of his home country led to death threats and exile in the United States through the Cities of Asylum program.

ISBN: 9780977751433. Cloth. $34.95. 308 pages


ISBN: 9780977751426. Paper. $19.95


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