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New Titles


The Hollywood Bible



Rabbi Shaffin has studied Hollywood movies extensively and analyzed them for their Jewish meaning and symbolism from "E.T." and "Close Encounters of a Third Kind" to "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". His work at the Shoah Foundation with Steven Spielberg informs his work.




The Third Commandment and the Return of the Anusim



The Third Commandment and the Return of the Anusim is a memoir of the work of Rabbi Leon in El Paso and beyond with the B'nei Anusim (or descendants of crypto-Jews) and the Jewish identity movement among Spanish speakers.





Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs


Silvia Hamui Sutton

Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs reflects the poetry and sensual spirit that we recognize from “The Song of Songs”. These Sephardic ballads are a mirror of an ethos and underlying literary essence of their place and time.




Loving Prayer: Guide to Everyday Jewish Prayer



Tamar Frankiel


Loving Prayer is a guide written in love – love of prayer and of God and of life in all its manifestations, intimating the emotional and spiritual pathways that thread through the arcs of Jewish prayer practice. A splendid guide! A splendid guide! — Dr. Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, Ph.D. Author of Moses: A Human Life (Yale University Press).




Sephardic Women's Voices:

Out of North Africa


Nina B. Lichtenstein

Sephardic Women's Voices explores the experience of Jewish women in the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and how they draw from that as writers describing their experiences of moving to France. The book gives the background in North Africa and studies writers from Nina Moati to Gisèle Halimi, Annie Cohen, Annie Fitoussie, Paule Darmon, and Chochana Boukhobza.




Jews, Music and the American West: Portraits of pioneers
Jonathan friedmann


Jews, Music and the American West
gives the portraits of major cantors and other musical leaders in the western half of the United States over the last century from Oklahoma and New Mexico to California.These are people who led congregations, composed music, wrote books and shaped worship styles and esthetics in the Jewish communities of the West.




Doña Gracia: Beacon of hope
Sandra k. toro






Dona Gracia Nasi was a beacon of hope to conversos who wanted to escape Spain and Portugal during the sixteenth century when the Inquisition was threatening those with Jewish background and practices. She was one of the wealthiest women in Europe at the time, and she used her wealth and position to rescue tens of thousands of people of Sephardic descent and relocated them in the Ottoman Empire where Jews were welcome. Historical fiction for young and adult readers.



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