Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs

Silvia Hamui Sutton

Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs reflects the poetry and sensual spirit that we recognize from “The Song of Songs”. These Sephardic ballads are a mirror of an ethos and underlying literary essence of their place and time. Poetic reality is revealed through words and lines woven into verse form and a vision of the world, a use of language constantly recreating itself. Song texts, tales, proverbs and riddles are the oral traditions of Jewish Spanish life, and Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs shows the thread of eroticism in that tradition.

“...a book highly recommended, as it will hold the attention not only of those interested in Hispanic literature but also of all the lovers of the Sephardic poetic oral tradition.” — Susana Weich-Shahak, Ph.D., Jewish Music Research Centre, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem..... Click Here to read the full comment by Dr. Weich-Shahak.


Silvia Hamui Sutton Ph.D is a researcher and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the IberoAmerican University. She is a specialist in Comparative Literature and a leading author on the life, culture and ethno-musicality of Sephardic Jews. She is President of the Academic Committee of the Center for Documentation and Research on Jews in Mexico.

Presidenta del Comité Académico del Centro de Documentación e Investigación Judío de México (CDIJUM)

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