The Power
of the Hebrew Alphabet

Gloria Abella Ballen

Winner Best Religious Book 2014

Winner Southwest Design Award 2015

Finalist Best Book Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2015



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Winner Best Religious Book 2014

The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet is a fusion of art and Jewish thought about the meanings of the letters of the alef bet. Abella Ballen leads the viewer through the laberinth of meanings of the twenty-two letters that changed the world. The letters brought us the stories of Abraham, Moses, and the Ten Commandments. The adventures of David and his songs came to us on the wings of these twenty-two letters, as did the wisdom and poetry of Solomon. The lyrical images of Abella Ballen spread across the pages in full color filled with insight into religious truths drawn from the well of Jewish traditions. While the chromatic skill carries the work of the artist, the appeal of her symbol/images is deepened by the thought and meanings contained within them.

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Bibliographic information
ISBN 9781935604259. Cloth.
240 pages, 230 in full color.


New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards, which includes authors and publishers from New York to Los Angeles. For more than a century the Southwest has been a center for writers from D.H. Lawrence to Willa Cather, Carl Jung and more recently Tony Hillerman, Kate Braverman and others. The Southwest has emerged as a leading region for writers and independent publishers in the contemporary book world and the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards address the thousand plus titles related to the region that are published each year.

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What a powerful book! Just read it and couldn’t put it down!...Gloria Abella Ballen made a masterpiece!
--Rabbi Berel Levertov
Santa Fe


"The Hebrew letters, their shapes and colors give enlightenment and wisdom. Otiyot Mach’kimot. In Jewish mysticism they are also the building blocks of the universe. Enjoy the flight of consciousness this glorious book affords you."

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
ALEPH: the Alliance for Jewish Renewal


"The Hebrew letters, understood as building blocks of the universe, have inspired commentators and artists since ancient times.  But rarely do the letters find a lover so tender and passionate as Gloria Abella Ballen. With this book, you hold in your hands over 200 pages of artistic genius, exalted by the mystical quest and tamed by a deep caring for meaning and tradition."

Tamar Frankiel, President
Academy for Jewish Religion California


"The melodious art of Gloria Abella Ballen, who dreams of flying alphabets, fixes the Hebrew letters in time. Suddenly, we appreciate not only the texts they deliver but the texture they are made of."

Ilan Stavans
Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture
Amherst College