George Ricketts
Co-Author of
Jews under Moroccan Skies


I am from Edinburgh, Scotland and have been a resident of Casablanca, Morocco, since 1991.
   As a freelance teacher of English as a Second Language, my interests since coming to Morocco have been the country’s remarkable history, its cultural diversity and god-given natural beauty.

   Although I have been a close friend of the project’s co-author, Raphael ‘Raphy’ Elmaleh,who is Moroccan and Jewish and travel guide, since 1992, I was completely unaware until the summer of 2007 of Morocco’s rich Jewish heritage and its fascinating Jewish history.

    However, preparing this project together with Raphy has given me the opportunity to gain extensive and invaluable knowledge and understanding on the subject of Moroccan Jews and the large amount of Jewish sites around the country. 

    Added to that, my knowledge of Morocco’s history and geography has enabled me to complete this unique project, never attempted before.

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