Gaon Authors Talking about their Books

Gloria Abella Ballen
The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet

Ted Lehman
Author of Defying Odds

Defying Odds

Pat Shapiro
The Privilege of Aging


Vanessa Paloma
The Desert, the Mountain and the Pomegranate

Mountain, Desert





Gaon Web Films


Welcome* Welcome to GaonWebFilms. 54 sec.

Films on New Mexico Jewish Life

JCohen* Jessica Cohen, The Art of Translation. 56.25 min

MarciaTorobin* Marcia Torobin - Great Jewish Writers & Film. 9:25 min

FracturedFaiths*Fractured Faiths Spanish Judaism, the Inquisition and New World Identities Exhibition, New Mexico History Museum. 7:51 min

DennisRoss*Ambassador Dennis Ross on U.S. & Israel from Truman to Trump Santa Fe Middle East Watch. 69 min

SephardicJews*Sephardic Jews Talk at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. 39:48 min

BobSacksLAA*Santa Fe Jewish Book Council, Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert D. Sacks. 47:30 min

TedLehman* Ted Lehman, I am a Jew. 5:27 min

LisaDiamond* Ilse Diamond, Surviving Auschwitz. 14.28 min

RabbiLeon* Rabbi Stephen Leon Sings Hashivenu Adonai. 3.37 min

ChanukahSF* Chanukah on the Santa Fe Plaza. 4.02 min

Films on Spanish & Moroccan Jewish Life

Hilloula* Hilloula for Tzadik Rabbi Amram ben Diwan. 8.22 min

BritMilah* Brit Milah Moroccan Style. 14.57 min

Tahdid* Tahdid or Sword Ceremony before Brit Milah. 14.56 min

Girona*Sephardim of Girona & Kabbalah. 7:52 min

Marrakesh*Jewish Quarter of Marrakesh. 5:30 min

Mimouna* Mimouna Celebration Rabat. 2.51 min

Memory&Orality* Vanessa Paloma. Memory & Orality in Jewish Life in Marrakesh. 16:47 min

Purim*Purim in Casablanca. 6:16 min


Anusim Conference 2016:
Congregation B'nai Zion, El Paso, TX

KosherTacos* Click to see Peter Svarzbein
Conversos y Tacos: The Kosher Taco Truck

Hear the Stories of B'nei Anusim

SonyaLoya* Sonya Loya. Aliyah to Israel. 6:19 min

JohnGarcia* John Garcia. From Catholicism to Judaism. 4:38 min

JohnGarcia* John Garcia 2. On his Return to Judaism & Aliyah. 4:45 min

BCarrasco* Blanca Carrasco. On her Involvement in the Jewish Community in El Paso. 2:03 min

Zuniga* Miguel Flores Zuniga. Judaism & the Juarez Torah group. 7:24 min

MSosa* Margarita Sosa Munoz. Her Jewish experience. 4:23 min

The Thoughts of Rabbis
& Others

RLeon* Rabbi Stephen Leon on Judaism. 4:15 min

DMehlman* Rabbi Daniel Mehlman on Israel and Galut. 7:28 min

RShaffin* Rabbi Royi Shaffin on Aliyah & the Future of Israel. 7:08 min

Shoshana S.* Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin on Birthright Israel. 2:58 min

Norah&Gloria* Gloria Abella Ballen& Neorah Tremblay Garcia on
The Return to Judaism & Aliyah. 2:59 min

Gaon Books Authors

TedLehman* Ted Lehman, Defying Odds. Auschwitz survivor describing his experiences. 5:10 min

PatShapiroPatricia Gottlieb Shapiro, The Privilege of Aging. How 12 Jewish super-agers have done it. 3:20 min

Gloria Abella Ballen

Waxlander* Waxlander Gallery Talk about Hebrew Letters. 4.25 min

AlefBet* The art and mystery of the Hebrew alef bet. 2:47 min

HebrewAlphabet* The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet. 3:06 min

VanessaMtDesertVanessa Paloma, The Mountain, the Desert and the Pomegranate: Stories from Morocco and Beyond. 7:16 min











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