Current Titles

Sephardic Titles:

Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs. Silvia Hamui Sutton. 2017

Sephardic Women's Voices: Out of North Africa. Nina B. Lichtenstein. 2017

Emma Lazarus: Sephardic Woman of Letters. Orit Rabkin. Forthcoming

Sephardic Jews: History, Religion and People. Ron D. Hart. 2016

Kuzari. Judah HaLevi. 2015

Moroccan Sephardic Romancero: Anthology of an Oral Tradition. Susana Weich-Shahak, Winner of the European Folklore Prize. 2014

Dreaming of Safed. Angelina Muniz-Huberman. 2014

Sephardic Legacy: Stories and Songs from Jewish Spain. William Samelson. 2013

Jews under Moroccan Skies: Two Thousand Years of Jewish Life. Raphael David Elmaleh and George Ricketts. 2012

Cantos judeo-espanoles: simbologia poetica y vision del mundo. Silvia Hamui Sutton. 2009


B'nei Anusim Life:

The Third Commandment and the Return of the Anusim: A Rabbi's Memoir of an Incredible People. Rabbi Stephen Leon. 2017

Historical Fiction on Anusim Life

Mario X. Martinez. Abran and Isabel's Hidden Faith (2016) & Converso (2009)

Isabelle Medina Sandoval. Hidden Shabbat (2012) & Guardians of Hidden Traditions (2009)

Sandra K. Toro. Beacon of Hope: Dona Gracia Nasi (2016), Secrets Behind Adobe Walls (2012), Gaon


Jewish Thought and Practice:

Loving Prayer. Tamar Frankiel. 2017

The Hollywood Bible. Rabbi Royi Shaffin. 2017

She Rises While It Is Still Night: Dreaming in the Four Worlds of Kabbalah. Tamar Frankiel. Forthcoming

The New World Haggadah. Ilan Stavans. 2016

Judaism. Ron D. Hart. 2015

Beyond the Golden Rule: A Jewish Perspective on Dialogue and Diversity. Rabbi David Kunin. 2015

Voices in the Wilderness: Emerging Roles of Israeli Clergywomen. Jonathan Friedmann and Meeka Simerly. 2015

The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet. Gloria Abella Ballen. 2014 (Best Book Award)

Living Wisely. Levi Ben-Shmuel. 2014

A Hidden Light: Stories and Teachings of Early HaBaD and Bratzlav Hasidism. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Netanel Miles-Yepez. 2012. (Best Book Award)

All Breathing Life Adores Your Name:

Counting the Omer: A Kabbalistic Meditation Guide. Rabbi Min Kantrowitz. 2011

The Mosaic Within: The Alchemy of Healing Self and Soul. Susan Vorhand. 2009


Jewish Lives:

Jews, Music and the American West: Portraits of Pioneers. Jonathan Friedmann. 2016

The Real Shlomo. Rabbi Chaim Dalfin. 2016

Crossing Cairo: A Jewish Woman's Encounter with Egypt. Rabbi Ruth Sohn. 2015

Defying Odds. Theodore H. Lehman. 2015

PsychoSemitic. Ellen Golub. 2015

The Privilege of Aging: Portraits of Twelve Jewish Women. Patricia Gottlieb Shapiro. 2014

The Mountain, the Desert and the Pomegranate: Stories from Moroccan and Beyond. Vanessa Paloma. 2012

Coming Home To Yourself: Eighteen Wise Women Reflect on their Journeys. Patricia Gottlieb Shapiro. 2010

Pulling It All Together: Diary of One of America's First Jewish Women Federal Judges. Judge Anne F. Schlezinger. 2009.










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