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ISBN: 9780982065723. Paper. 136 pages.

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The Confidantes

Angelina Muñiz-Huberman

One day two women gather to tell stories. As the stories take life, the two women become their characters. A day and night of telling builds into a crescendo of unimaginable truth where the boundaries between story, fable, and myth evaporate like breath and words. Personal memories and nighttime dreams are woven into romances and exotic yarns from Casablanca to Catalunya. Plumbing the depths of human sentiment and existence, the confidantes lead us into veiled pathways rarely traveled. Angelina Muniz-Huberman's writing is lyrical and alluring, and Andrea Labinger's translation preserves the magic.


I read the novel without stopping. What a delightful tribute to Scheherazade, and indirectly, to Cervantes.

-- Ilan Stavans, Writer

Angelina Muniz-Huberman has established a solid reputation as one of Mexico's better women writers, one of its better Jewish writers, one of its better Spanish refugee writers, and indeed one of its better contemporary writers.

-- Seymour Menton, World Literature Today

In The Confidantes we find a broad range of emotions, introspections, and thoughtful looks inside ourselves that truthfully show how unpredictable, obsessive and susceptible we are as humans.

-- Mary Carmen Sanchez Ambriz, Siempre

During a day and night two women, the confidantes, get together to tell stories, but little by little the narrators are transformed into the characters.

-- Jorge Luis Espinosa, Unomasuno.


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