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As of 2017 Gaon Books will be focusing on works that address Sephardic Traditions and the B'nei Anusim. We do not publish collections of short stories, newspaper columns, family memoirs, or poetry. To gain a better understanding of our publishing program, please review our title list.

When you submit a proposal, it may take up to two months for the editors to review it. Gaon Books has an acquisitions committee, which includes staff members and an Editorial Advisory Board, and we commonly send manuscripts to outside readers. Inquiries about the manuscript after it has been submitted should be directed to: giving the title of the manuscript in the subject line.

Outlined below is the procedure for submitting proposals.

I. Considerations for all submissions

Manuscripts should include Jewish content.
We are interested in Women's voices, Spirituality, Jewish lives, Sephardic traditions, and young readers.
Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF and double-spaced. First line paragraph indention should be 0.25 inch.
Works of moderate length—50,000 to 100,000 words—have a better chance of acceptance than short works or works of great length.
Formatting should be kept to a minimum.
II. Nonfiction proposals

Include a cover letter that gives a brief description of the project.
Include an outline of and/or introduction to the project.
Include at least fifty pages of the text, preferably the first chapter.
If the project will include illustrations or photographs, please send samples. Do NOT send originals. Clear photocopies are acceptable.
Supply a market analysis of the book.
Unless there is something about the potential market that would not be obvious to the uninitiated, this analysis should concentrate on the titles, publishers, and dates of all similar books, with an explanation of how your book differs from each.
Send a biography of the author, including publishing credits and credentials in the field.
If the project also has an illustrator or photographer, please include that biographical information as well.
III. Fiction proposals

Send a cover letter, giving a synopsis of the book.
Include the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS (at least 50 pages) of the manuscript. We prefer to review the complete manuscript. If you choose to send only samples, please include the projected word length of your book and estimated completion date in your cover letter.
Send a biography of the author, including publishing credits and credentials.
IV. Overall recommendations

Do NOT submit original material (either art or manuscript),
and please keep a copy of your project.
Please note that hard copy materials will NOT be returned.
We do not accept proposals on disks or by fax.
For further information contact

Mail submissions to:

Gaon Books
P.O. Box 23924
Santa Fe, NM 87502


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